What You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth

By | January 11, 2017

Wisdom teeth are a sign that our mouths are constantly evolving throughout our lifetimes. But what are these strange teeth that don’t typically sprout from our gums until between the ages of 17 and 21?

Wisdom teeth are a third molar, which comes into our mouths later in life. That’s also the reason for the name: as if when the teeth come in, you are undergoing the transition from childhood adolescence to adulthood. You might notice a subtle uncomfortable feeling as these teeth come into the mouth, but overall wisdom teeth usually come in quietly and pain-free—if you do have pain as the teeth are coming in, it’s important to visit your dentist as this could be a sign of other problems.

Why are wisdom teeth so often pulled?

Oftentimes there isn’t enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth. Oftentimes, even wisdom teeth that breach from the gums unhindered have to pulled because of the difficulties in keeping the surfaces of the teeth clean; wisdom teeth that grow out of place may be angled oddly so that the bristles of a tooth brush won’t reach, or grow too tight to the teeth nearby that floss is ineffective at cleaning between them. Wisdom teeth that develop in a mouth without room for them to grow could become stuck beneath the gum line—the term for this is impacted. Wisdom teeth are often removed as a preventative measure, or possibly even at the time when an adolescents preparing for braces.

Dr. Francis will help you to determine the best course of action with you or your child’s wisdom teeth. The obvious problems of wisdom teeth are gum disease and tooth decay, but wisdom teeth could also damage the other healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth could cause pain in the mouth, possibly even develop infections or tumors and cysts.

If wisdom teeth are not removed your dentist will still continue to monitor them in relation to the rest of your mouth; this is due to the constant evolution of our mouths, and how one day those teeth may still have a negative impact and need to be removed. Contact Billing’s Best Dentist for all of your dental and oral health care needs.



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