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Family Dentist Billings MT, Flossing

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Everyone knows that flossing is important for good oral health. Flossing helps to clean the areas between the teeth and gums where a brush cannot reach. While everyone knows that they should brush their teeth at least twice a day, did you know that the American Dental Association recommends that a person also floss their teeth at least once a day? Flossing needs to be performed daily, because floss helps to remove the plaque that builds up between the teeth. This plaque can harden into calculus or tarter. When plaque isn’t removed, it can get down under the gumline and possibly cause the gum disease gingivitis.

The American Dental Association believes that it does not matter which type of flossing material you use to clean between your teeth, as long as you are doing the cleaning. Floss comes packaged in different types, widths, flavored or not flavored, etc, and all of these types will suit some person’s need. As long as you are cleaning your teeth everyday with floss, you can create your own preference with floss material and type in time. There are also water flossers and wooden plaque removers, dental picks, floss that has been threaded onto a flosser – a forked utility with a handle that both holds and maneuvers the floss between your teeth – and there are even tiny brushes that clean between your teeth. The next time that you visit your dentist, speak with him about the types of floss and determine the style that will work best for you. Your dentist can also show you how to use the floss to clean between your teeth.

Family Dentist Billings MT, Flossing

Children should also be flossing their teeth when they have grown two teeth that are touching. While flossing is a difficult action for children to perform, their parents can help them. If you have any question about how to floss either your teeth or your child’s, take a visit to your dentist. It is important that teeth be flossed properly, otherwise it is possible to do damage to the gum line by improper flossing.

Remember, flossing is important, and if you are new to flossing don’t be discouraged by a slight discomfort. Your teeth and gums will become accustomed to the floss. If you feel pain, you are flossing too hard or you are flossing improperly.


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