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By | April 10, 2016

If you were to go into the oral care section in the supermarket, you would find an entire wall of toothbrushes. There would be different sizes and shapes; toothbrush heads with different bristle firmness. There’d be manual toothbrushes and even mechanical, battery-operated toothbrushes that hum with power and spin or vibrate the brushing head. With all of the choices, which toothbrush will you choose? Here’s a few ideas, although the next time you visit your dentist, he will be able to direct you to a quality product that will work well for you.

Best Toothbrushes, billings best dentist

Both mechanical and manual toothbrushes work alike. They use bristles to scrape away food and plaque from the teeth. Both brushes do the same process, although, for some people, a mechanical toothbrush might be a good option. Children, for instance, might think that the mechanical toothbrush is fun to use, and they may enjoy the time in which they brush their teeth. Also, if some people have a condition, or just generally have difficulty using a manual toothbrush, the mechanical toothbrushes do-it-for-you operation may help.

While during a visit, your dentist could best determine the type of bristle you need to brush your teeth, but, if you’re in need of a brush and you don’t directly have time to get in to the office, there’s three types of bristle stiffness: soft, medium, and hard. Soft-bristled brushes wont harm gum tissue, or the surfaces of the teeth. While medium bristled-brushes may do harm to sensitive or warn teeth, or they could even wear down gum tissue and the surfaces of the teeth. It’s best to stick with the softer-bristled toothbrushes if you are unsure of which toothbrush will work best for you. Then, when you next visit your dentist, consult with him about your options.

A good, quality toothbrush is important. If your choosing a toothbrush, look for a toothbrush that has been endorsed by the ADA—American Dental Association. Also, if you’re buying a toothbrush for a child, buy a toothbrush that’s made for a child. A children’s toothbrush has a smaller head to fit in a child’s mouth, and its bristles are usually softer

While the toothbrush is important, it’s equally important to use it twice-daily. A quality toothbrush is just a tool in the everyday routine of quality oral health.   For all of your dental needs, please contact Brian Francis, DMD, Billings Best Dentist! 

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